High Sheriff of Greater London

Celebrating and Connecting our Communities

Welcome to the website for the High Sheriff of Greater London for 2024-2025. We hope this window on our work will interest you and maybe inspire you to find out more or get involved in some way.

As His Majesty the King’s judicial representative for Greater London, the High Sheriff supports both the work of the judiciary and the wider justice system in Greater London. Effective laws and justice underpin our democracy, liberties, safety, economic and personal rights and the freedoms we enjoy. They provide protections for the vulnerable. Fantastic work is done to support the justice system, people caught up in it or who face need, including by volunteers and charities. Volunteers act as witness support, magistrates, volunteer police constables, Samaritans, in prison visitor centres, supporting prisoner rehabilitation and providing food and shelter. This is just a snapshot. We aim to provide a spotlight on some of this work and on some of the issues people face. It is a privilege to support, celebrate and connect these communities.

The office of High Sheriff dates back to the seventh century, making it the oldest civic office in England. The High Sheriff of Greater London is appointed by the Sovereign and it is a non-political and unpaid role which runs for a year. Many people ask what a High Sheriff does. This website is designed to help answer that question by providing an insight into the role, its history, the work we do and some of the work our communities are engaged in.

To find out more about our work, news and events, awards and the Team do browse this site and check on Twitter @HiSheriffLondon.

The High Sheriff of Greater London has had recent engagement with a number of organisations and charities which are listed under Our Work.  These are the ones which have a special focus on education, literacy and numeracy:


A large number of people work tirelessly to keep the Justice system going and to support people in their communities. I hope to meet as many people during my time in office as I can, to thank them for their work to support the justice system and the help given to our communities, especially young people.

Celebrating unsung heroes who support the justice system in London day in and day out is at the heart of my role. Presenting the High Sheriff’s Justice Awards and High Sheriff’s Special Recognition awards in courts, prisons and to staff and volunteers supporting charitable work is an important aspect of doing just that as is bringing people together at the annual Justice’s Thanksgiving Service in Southwark Cathedral.

Connecting and having conversations with people is another important aspect of the High Sheriff’s role. Many young people face education or food poverty or are homeless. Many are victims of crime or at risk of committing crime. Supporting the needs of young people to provide opportunities and divert young people away from crime is vital for them and our communities.

Supporting charities focusing on changing people’s lives through literacy and numeracy programmes is a particular focus for my year as High Sheriff.

Transforming a child and indeed an adult’s ability to read and write unlocks a world of knowledge and opportunities. We shouldn’t forget that reading for its own sake is a real pleasure, sparking the imagination, providing an escape from the day to day and opening doors onto different ways of thinking. Numeracy allows people to have the confidence to use basic maths in everyday life and work. It enables us to make informed decisions, solve problems and reason logically. Skills which are useful in many areas of life.

Millicent Grant KC(Hon), High Sheriff of Greater London 2024-25