Dinners at home

Have held a series of dinners at home throughout my year and especially in January and February 2022, when many other events were cancelled. The aim has been to bring people together from across the Justice system, community groups, the NHS and volunteers to meet and have discussions on common issues which hopefully can be taken forward. A joy to get together after the lockdowns and restrictions in Greater London and a great opportunity to help join the dots between people who can operate in silos.

All dinners have been catered fantastically by Clink Events, a charity which produces delicious food, using some produce grown in a prison. Their work provides skills development and training opportunities for prisoners who work towards obtaining professional qualifications in their kitchen training facility at HMP Downview. This provides opportunities for employment to prisoners on release. Having skills and employment opportunities markedly helps reduce reoffending. Clink also provides training to vulnerable adults, working in partnership with others, such as Centrepoint.