Celebrating Public-Spiritedness

Celebrating the public spiritedness of so many in our communities is at the heart of our work. The High Sheriff presents various awards during the year to thank people for their contributions to the work of the justice system, to combat crime or to support people in the community.

Justice Awards

Justice awards are presented by the High Sheriff to people who have gone above and beyond to help bring someone to justice or assist a victim of crime. Judges trying cases in London’s Crown Courts have discretion to make these awards for the High Sheriff. People made these awards are often witnesses to the crime who have intervened to prevent a crime or further harm to a victim and have given evidence to the police and in court. The victim in a case or someone who has given substantial help to a victim can be made an award. The work of the Metropolitan Police depends on consensus and community support to help bring someone to justice and prevent crime. The High Sheriff is delighted to be able to recognise, through these awards, people who so often have put themselves at considerable risk in providing such support.

Two Justice award ceremonies are usually held each year to celebrate the award recipients. Find out more in News and Events.

Sheriff Covid Awards

There are many unsung heroes who have worked tirelessly during Covid. The High Sheriff has presented and plans to present more High Sheriff Covid certificates to recognise the extraordinary efforts of staff and volunteers working in courts, prisons, the police service and the voluntary sector for their work, especially during Covid.

Youth Justice Awards

Recognising young people who have worked together to help combat crime in their community is core to the work of many High Sheriffs around the country. The National Crimebeat Awards are one avenue to show recognition for such work. The High Sheriff plans to present local Youth Justice Awards to recognise the contribution made by young people in helping combat crime in their communities in Greater London.

Sheriff Community Awards

This has been a very challenging time for all and especially for the vulnerable and the young. The High Sheriff wishes to recognise work done in the community during Covid to protect and support victims of domestic abuse, advance the safety of girls and women, provide food to those in need, assist the homeless and provide opportunities to the young. The High Sheriff plans to recognise this work through the presentation of Sheriff Community Awards.