Ace of Clubs visit

Visited the Ace of Clubs on 1 March 2022. A small charity in Clapham Common which provides food and support for homeless people and those in insecure housing or sofa surfing. During the pandemic need rose significantly as a result of lack of work, loneliness and growing poverty and mental distress. Support provided includes medical advice and screening with the help of St Thomas’ Hospital who run a weekly clinic on the premises, enabling the vaccine to be delivered, a canteen to which no-one is refused access, showers, charging points, debt and other practical advice and support, including IT access via a small computer room. The latter has not been available during the pandemic but should be restored soon.

Reliant mainly on public donations and especially from schools for food donations during harvest festival events, the generosity of people sustains the work of a small but dedicated group of staff and volunteers to support so many. This is a place which gives hope.