Judges’ Dinner, celebrating at Fishmongers’ Hall in their 750th year

Held a dinner for Judges’ at the Fishmongers’ Hall on 23 February 2022. A magnificent Hall celebrating its 750th year and a special place to hold the dinner.

It was a privilege to celebrate the work of judges, especially those working in the criminal courts, who have heroically kept justice going during the pandemic, showing great resilience and ingenuity to surmount the many challenges faced and to keep people attending court safe.

Fishmongers’ Hall have faced tremendous challenges too in the aftermath of the terrible atrocities that took place there a few years ago when a terrorist attending a prisoner rehabilitation conference attacked, causing death and injury. A tale of horror but also of bravery, mirroring what can occur in serious cases tried in the criminal courts. A fitting and generous hearted place to hold the dinner.