Meeting with Amir Eden to discuss Living Bankside

Met  with Amir Eden on 4 February 2022 to discuss the community work of Living Bankside, in Southwark, south London. Originally formed to provide a forum for residents to engage with the redevelopment of Bankside and to ensure that the rich heritage of the area was preserved, Living Bankside has grown and become a forum for residents’ voices to be heard and for community engagement and support to be furthered. Regular meetings are held for residents and doorstep engagements undertaken, bringing residents together with the council, local MPs and property developers and to make sure residents understand the services available.

In the wake of the awful atrocities on London Bridge and in Borough market nearly 5 years ago, people pulled together and created a vibrant support network with considerable help from the community of Southwark Cathedral. It was stimulating to hear about future plans and ideas and share some thoughts for this very engaged Resident’s organisation, who did a great deal to support people in the community during COVID, especially those who were isolated or lonely. Promoting health and well-being is at the heart of the work of Living Bankside today.